Supported a major European industrial group on the vendor commercial and technical due diligence of a portfolio of 11 data centres in the Americas


Scope of work

The clients commissioned Fide Partners to prepare an independent commercial and technical due diligence report for the company holding the 11 data centres in 6 countries in the Americas (USA, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru and Argentina), offering a service portfolio focused on colocation services to hyperscalers, telcos and large enterprises.


We conducted a thorough regional market assessment for the colocation and cloud markets in the Americas, prioritising in-depth analysis of each of the target’s geographies, covering competitors’ positioning and expansion plans, pricing benchmarks for different type of clients, demand forecasts, operational costs and potential expansion of the data centre portfolio.

We covered a detailed analysis of the company’s commercial strategy and whether it was appropriate to achieve the strategic goals, client base and demand evolution, reviewed the business plan forecasts, revenue, EBITDA, pricing, operational and expansion costs.

We also delivered the technical due diligence with a detailed analysis of the technical specifications of the facilities, including Tier certification, cooling infrastructure, fire protection systems, electrical systems, maintenance processes, PUE, upgrades and growth potential. We also suggested certain improvements to be implemented in the data centres in order to comply with Tier III standards.


Our work provided an independent overview and assessment of the target company, its operations, client base, growth plans, and facilities. We carried out an in-depth technical review of the assets, validating the technical information provided by the vendor and offering an assessment of the operating and maintenance costs the of data centres moving forward.

Our deliverables provided a comprehensive commercial and technical overview of the asset to potential investors.


Supported a Middle Eastern private equity fund on the commercial and technological due diligence of a SaaS ERP provider and an IT service company in the MENA region


Supported an infrastructure fund on the technical and commercial due diligence of a wholesale FTTH rural deployment covering 2.2mn households in Germany


Developed the commercial and technical due diligence on a portfolio of macro sites, DAS and small cells in 4 Latin American countries