Mission, vision & values

We devote ourselves to support our clients in achieving their goals with the highest professional standards. We build the foundations of our relationships on mutual trust and excellence in advisory.

Excellence is only achieved through passion and hard work, which is why we believe that building strong and cohesive teams is the key to success for our consultants, our firm and all our clients.



To be a trusted partner delivering world-class TMT advisory services that drive our clients’ success, while providing a stimulating and rewarding workplace for our employees


Support the international endeavour to digitise populations and businesses with low levels of connectivity in order to generate virtuous circles in all productive layers of society through the benefits of the TMT industry 


Empower individuals and build a passionate team

When we truly work as a team, we are smarter, faster and more competitive than any of us individually. We care enough to help, teach and learn from each other in an environment of open communication, trust and respect.

Passion is the intense care and sense of pride that drives us to go the extra mile to understand and meet the needs of our clients. When we work together with creativity and ownership, we excel, our clients succeed and our company thrives.


Create impact through excellence

In our highly competitive market space, we are accountable for quality results. We set Fide Partners apart by constantly striving for service excellence and by working together to achieve our full potential.

The TMT industry is a major catalyst for development and a creator of virtuous circles for the global economy. We work together with our clients to provide a momentous opportunity for social, economic and environmental change.

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