Public sector policy and regulatory support

The vital role of connectivity in developed and developing economies has only solidified since the beginning of the pandemic. The “new normal” has mandated much more remote work and education, creating a surge in demand for TMT services. The sector is characterised by complex supply chain systems, players with significant market power (SMPs), constant technological change, and many different stakeholders. For these key reasons, expert support is critical in developing public policy.

Our team has consulted for clients representing all major stakeholders. For regulatory bodies, we advise in the development of regulatory frameworks, recommend alternatives for spectrum auctions, devise mechanisms to incentivise competition in TMT markets, execute relevant market analysis and remedy definition, assess the competitive impact of a new market entry and develop procedures to ensure operator compliance. For SMP operators, we develop reference offers, cost models and pricing mechanisms. For other operators, we support bids to win government funds and challenge incumbent’s reference offers to achieve better contractual conditions.

We also work very close to policy makers and users of technology advising on technological changes and defining innovative frameworks to regulate the dynamic digital industry, covering issues related to cybersecurity, net neutrality, GDPR, AI, smart cities and robotics.


Selected Projects


Elaboration of the regulatory framework to launch a “National Shared Wholesale Mobile Network” for a Latin American regulatory body


Strategic and regulatory support for over 8 years to a North American multinational media corporation and integrated telecommunications provider


Adviced a European regulator on the review of several reference offers and cost models of the incumbent telecommunications operator


Supported a North American regulator in the public consultation for the development of a net neutrality regulatory framework


Developed an industry proposal to foster the ICT sector in a Latin American country