Developed an industry proposal to foster the ICT sector in a Latin American country


Scope of work

Our clients, a group of integrated telecommunications operators in a Latin American country, required us to develop a comprehensive set of public policy initiatives that could be proposed to the new government in order to establish the foundations of a national digital economy program.


We defined the importance of the value chain of the digital economy based on international benchmarks and other empirical examples, presenting the positive impact of implementation on other comparable countries.

The transition to a digital economy would be structured as a national venture executed multilaterally, involving several national institutions to generate a real, lasting impact on the economy’s performance and social welfare.

The initiatives were designed to generate a multi-annual public policy program for each component of the value chain. They were oriented towards the emergence of a complete digital transformation as a motor for development.


A total of 22 recommendations of good practices were identified and developed, focusing on closing gaps with respect to certain international standards and ensuring the greatest impact of investment in the ICT sector. These international trends were translated into real growth opportunities for the country’s industry and economy.


Elaboration of the regulatory framework to launch a “National Shared Wholesale Mobile Network” for a Latin American regulatory body


Strategic and regulatory support for over 8 years to a North American multinational media corporation and integrated telecommunications provider


Adviced a European regulator on the review of several reference offers and cost models of the incumbent telecommunications operator


Supported a North American regulator in the public consultation for the development of a net neutrality regulatory framework