Expert witness in the international arbitration of a Central American government against an integrated operator with respect to the mobile interconnection regime


Scope of work

Our client, a Central American government and its respective telecommunications regulator, was sued by an integrated telecommunications operator with respect to the regulatory policy implemented for the interconnection of mobile telecommunications networks. Fide Partners was commissioned to act as expert witness and legal advisor in such litigation.


Fide Partners wrote an expert witness report with two main sections: one regarding the cost models for setting prices for regulated interconnection services, and the other on issues related to interconnection regulatory policy in the country.

Fide Partners supported the regulator in defending the methodology and inputs used to build the interconnection cost model, through benchmarks of international best practices and from the conceptualisation of the model itself. Fide Partners argued the invalidity of the operator’s points to request the establishment of asymmetric interconnection tariffs.


We supported our client by developing an extensive and comprehensive document regarding the correct methodological approach to the construction of interconnection cost models and the regulatory initiatives implemented. We also attended arbitration sessions as expert witnesses.


Legal support to the Board of Directors (BoD) of a North American wholesale carrier on the RFQ for the allocation process of the operating rights of its 25,000 kms nationwide fibre network


Expert witness for a telecommunications operator whose acquisition of another FTTH ISP was blocked by the regulator based on market dominance grounds