Legal support to the Board of Directors (BoD) of a North American wholesale carrier on the RFQ for the allocation process of the operating rights of its 25,000 kms nationwide fibre network


Scope of work

Provided legal, commercial and technical support to the Board of Directors (BoD) and legal counsels of a wholesale carrier on the development of the RFQ for the allocation process of the operating rights of its fibre network and the associated valuation model.


Our team collected and reviewed all relevant information for the process, which came from the key operational and management areas of our client.

Based on the information received and the understanding of the operation, we proceeded to the preparation of the RFQ, which included a preliminary market analysis, definition of the most suitable allocation process, reviewing all relevant commercial and technological aspects and the subsequent award scenarios to successful bidders.

In a parallel workstream, we developed the operational (future demand, costs for our client, etc.) and valuation models of the asset to determine the perceived value for potential investors and identified the main players who might be interested in bidding for it.

Our team worked hand in hand with the client’s legal counsel in the preparation of the RFQ, providing techno-economic recommendations and international best practices to ensure the robustness and success of the operational rights allocation process.


Fide Partners developed an economic, regulatory, and technical framework that was integrated into the RFQ to strengthen the position of the client’s proposal. We also developed the operational and valuation models to determine the indicative value perceived by potential bidders.

We accompanied our client in the award process and in the negotiations with the various stakeholders, as well as in the necessary steps before the NRA to obtain the effective approval of the wholesale Reference Offer.


Expert witness in the international arbitration of a Central American government against an integrated operator with respect to the mobile interconnection regime


Expert witness for a telecommunications operator whose acquisition of another FTTH ISP was blocked by the regulator based on market dominance grounds