Support to a utility company in the assessment of a potential expansion into the FTTH segment and the growth of its connectivity business in a Western European country


Scope of work

Our client’s objective was to evaluate and dimension the opportunity to venture into the FTTH segment in rural areas of the country (+2mn homes passed with FTTH) and devising strategies (‘stand-alone’ or ‘joint-venture’ models) to expand their existing fibre capacity businesses.


To dimension the opportunity, we forecasted the potential nationwide demand for FTTH-based services, taking into account current levels of coverage in rural areas and the total capacity the network would need to serve it. Based on a geographic analysis (GIS) of competitors’ networks and taking our client’s current fibre network as a reference, we calculated the potential addressable market and deployment costs. This analysis allowed us to understand the potential of the FTTH market in the country and the investment needs to serve it.

Once the geographic areas and the different network footprints of the competitors were defined, we proceeded to determine the addressable markets for dark fibre and lit fibre within our client’s network footprint and estimated the potential market share that the client could achieve.

Ultimately, we developed two business plans for each of the opportunities showing the potential revenues scenarios that could be achieved along with the corresponding capital expenditures and operational costs.


We accompanied and advised our client during initial discussions and negotiations with potential partners, leading to the structuring of joint ventures for shared deployments. With our evidence and insight, our client was able to make a go/no-go decision.


Support to a Middle East Commission for the digital transformation of a world heritage site into a smart digital tourism destination


Adviced an FTTH retail operator and consolidator in Brazil on the carve-out process of its access and network infrastructure assets